Just a regular morning...

Wake up now, it's going to be late
Wake up please. No, I can't come and be with you
I'm making your snack for school.
So get up, you know you have to go to school.
(to be honest, I need you to go, more than you need to go!)
Eat up now, quickly.
Chew, no, no...I said CHEW
Don't just swallow everything down!

Hurry up, the time's a-ticking.
A quick wash.
Stay still, let me smoothen your hair
Stay STILL, for a minute!

You don't want to wear this shirt? What's wrong with it?
What the...Great, I've got a pint-sized sartorialist here!
Alright, alright, you can wear those pants for the nth time
No, no, just put on your crocs,
Why, oh why, do you want those shoes?
Sheesh, you're so late, they're gonna lock the gates

Okay, finally. Bye then. Have fun.
Yes, baby, I'll have fun too.

Why does he put up with me?
I'm not terribly patient.
Every morning, I become a 'lecturemama'
Do this, don't do that.
But guess what, he puts up with it
Because I'm his mother.

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