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Faking it on Facebook

Ever get the feeling that you're faking it?
I feel that most days. In fact, I know I am. Being fake, I mean.
Especially on social media.
Which, in itself, is an oxymoron, come to think of it. To me, at least.
Because we are not really all likeable and loveable and sociable.
In real life, it is not humanly possible to be friends or friendly, all the time.
Rather, we diss and dissect. We gossip and bitch, about each other.
But we continue to fake it, online.
And social media lets us. 

The other day, I was depressed and down in the dumps.
Seeing all the happy-awesome posts in my Facebook feed, made things infinitely worse.
So I lost it, after seeing a 'friend' upload a couple of 100 pictures (okay, I exaggerate) in a matter of minutes, from her fabulous break.
So well, I bitched about that to a group of friends on WhatsApp.
And nobody reacted or agreed with me. 
Naturally, I felt awful. Wicked. Like a total bitch.
To make matters worse, the next day, the person I originall…