Love makes them whole

There's a couple I see sometimes, on my walks around Richard's Park. They are both physically challenged and both use crutches. They come there on his specially modified two-wheeler. And then they sit together for hours, on one of the park ledges.

I notice them because they are always oblivious to the rest of the world. Curious onlookers do watch--because, well, as a people, we are often not sensitive in such matters. And the couple obviously do attract attention, because, well, they look different, with their crutches placed neatly next to them, and because they always sit embracing each other.

To be honest, I feel I am violating their privacy if I even look at them. And yet and yet, I find them immensely inspiring too. For one thing, they are so comfortable with each other. I've seen them sit there for about an hour or so, till twilight darkens into night, talking to each other, laughing, and just being together. They seem to share a connection that the rest of us able-bodied people, can only grasp at. It's like they find the whole world in each other's eyes and that is a truly rare gift.

Life is obviously not easy for them. Negotiating it as a disabled person must be so much more challenging in ways I cannot even imagine. But they have each other. And for them, that I think, is enough.

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