Of Brevity, Brats and Bras

Upliftment--Happens when you bake a cake that rises, (and stays risen!).
Alternatively, a good-fitting bra will also do.

Heart-bursting--The feeling you get inside seeing your otherwise hyperactive, chatterbox of a child sitting in a corner, completely absorbed in some random, quiet activity. The operative word being, quiet. This feeling makes you want to tightly grab and hug said child. But you don't coz that might disturb the quiet.

Kaapinaamaahh: That first sip of filter kaapi hitting your bloodstream. Kicks off the sleep-deprivation, gives you the strength to open your eyes properly.

Parkers (noun)--Creepy, sleazy types lurking in odd, dark corners of the park near your home. Also spotted at bus-stops, dead ends, lonely roads, anywhere, really. Best to steer clear.

Disapparentate: (Disappear from one location, reappear elsewhere) What parents yearn to do when kid throws tantrum in crowded store, mall, cinema...well, you get the idea. Apologies to J K Rowling.

Whyscracks: How kids drive moms crazy.
Mom: Eat all the vegetables on your plate!
Kid: Why?

Mom: You cannot watch that!
Kid: Why?

Mom: No, you are not allowed to tell A (or B or C) Aunty what I told Daddy about her!
Kid: Why?

So on and so forth. Above exchange normally ends with the magic words: "Because I say so!"

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