My body

My body is an unusual creature. For one thing, I have two uteruses. Congenital I'm told. A medical condition called Uterus Didelphys. Basically, my womb is split into two parts--right chamber, left chamber, is what the doctors call it.

Babe was conceived in the right chamber. So when I was pregnant, the gynaec told me don't turn to your right in your sleep. You could crush your foetus.
Can you imagine how I felt? I had nightmares about turning over, unknowingly in my sleep. So I only ever turned to my left during the pregnancy. And no, my pregnant tummy wasn't misshapen or anything. As baby grew inside, my left uterus sort of folded in so the right side could expand better. Amazing, really what our bodies are capable of.

When little man was nursing, I always found feeding him from my left breast easier. It always hurt like crazy trying to nurse him from my right side. And at night, that naturally meant, I again turned to my left.

Now, our son is nearly five. And I have a sore down my left thigh and buttock. I try to turn only to my right when I'm lying down. Because the left side starts hurting, a dull ache that gets worse after a bit. The skin there is now marked, permanently.

But I don't mind. Our experiences make us, after all. 

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