Thursday, 1 August 2013

A toast to young minds....

Little man looks at the world so differently.
He's making me see things I never noticed before.
 And ordinary, every day stuff I take for granted
Seems so much more beautiful, suddenly.

When I make him toast, I lavish butter on it.
And he calls the end product, 'butter bread'.
To me, that sounds so much lovelier
Than plain ol' toast.

I gave him raisins to eat this morning,
He offered me some too.
Now, me I really don't like 'em.
I prefer raisins in cakes.
But little man told me
"Amma, have one, it's very 'honeyliss", (as in delicious)
I totally loved that word.

Describes the sweetness of a raisin perfectly.

How do children do this?
Get to the heart of a thing or an object.
And see what we adults don't.
That it's a thing of beauty, and joy.
So what if it's only plain ol' toast?