The Human Zoo

There I was feeling phenomenal, thinking of Maya Angelou
Striding along, I'd forgotten about the human zoo
People staring, standing or just hanging around
But that's the norm when you're at the park ground

Why oh why do they stare so? Stripping me up and down
What can a woman do, but ignore them or even, frown.
Lascivious looks don't kill it's true
And it's the norm at the human zoo 

But I've watched helpless while a friend was groped
And around us, life walked on, no one spoke
She is scarred inside, this I know
Because it's happened to me too, before.

I've seen children by the roadside, answering nature's call
As hungry mouths gathered at the chaat stall
After all, no one cares really, not even me
Life ebbs and flows, in this human sea.

What's a woman to do, when she's on show
Because the walk is now something more  
In the great tamasha of life, played out parkside
The human zoo becomes just a photo slide.

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