Powerful woman

I didn't know it earlier, but I am a powerful woman.
With these hands, I hug away tears
Or make my little one cry.
With my smile he knows I approve, that he's doing great.
My frown says he's done something wrong.
My anger worries him
So much so he becomes skittish, tries to make me laugh. 

When I shout at my husband, and he fights back
When we trade harsh words, rather than blows,
It still sears our souls and empties our hearts of happiness
Then I know our little one is disturbed
He looks at us, wide-eyed and anxious. 
And invariably, he sleeps badly.

I know now, that such power is a dangerous thing.
If I'm upset or sad, or depressed or angry
The negativity pours out of me
To envelop everyone else.
If I'm happy, and smiling
My family is too.

Yes, I am a powerful woman.
And it scares the hell out of me.

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