Deprived but happy

I was a deprived child. I didn't know it though.

No playstation3 to play with. No Ben10. Not too many books too, actually.
But I did have comics -- Amar Chitra Katha, Flash Gordon, Phantom, Mandrake the Magician.

I still have them, in fact, bound and stored carefully at home in Calicut. Well-thumbed through, read from cover to cover.

Of course, ignorance is bliss and all that. I didn't know about PSP3 or any of the other stuff so naturally, I didn't miss them. But does having all that make a child more or less imaginative?

Honestly, I'd still prefer to climb trees in Ketti valley, swing as high as I can on the wooden plank my dad strung up for me on our mango tree and gobble up cashew freshly roasted from our wood-fired stove.

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