Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Skin so sensual, skin so soft. How many types of skin do I have in my life?

First, there's baby soft. That's Lil C for the uninitiated. He's all heart-crushingly satiny and cool to touch. Holding him is to hold innocence. Or pureness. It's completely, sublimely, joyful. And totally heartwarmingly lovely.

Then there's stubbly, shave-me skin. That's big C in the mornings. His chin's raspy. Just like his God-I-need-my-coffee voice. But cuddling with him is to remember that we're not just father and mother. We're also C and D.

Then there's my ooh-I-had-my-first-wax skin. That's me feeling sexy. And full of sensation. And clean and of course, wanting my sleeveless tops!

So you see, there's different kinds of skin in my everydayness. Sometimes, I forget I can't live or love without them.