Of North food and sandburs...

Ever heard of "sandburs"? I haven't either. But people who throng a little samosa-and-chat-and-patties place near Cox Town, don't seem to care. It doesn't even matter to them that on the menu is also something called "North Food". Perhaps the term refers to a greasy parantha-and-pickle combo. Or to oily paneer something tikka.
Whatever the secret, there's always a fairly decent crowd at "GoodFooddotcom" -- yep, that's the name of the place. It's got a bizarre location -- bang on the main road. So to even get to the joint, you have to park by the roadside, almost immediately causing a mini traffic jam. But it's no big deal, really. I've seen people do exactly that every evening.
But let's be charitable. Maybe, they're intrigued by the "sandburs". Or maybe, it's the "North Food" thing.

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