Open hands, closed minds

We live in an open world where everything's connected, everything's branded. Living in Bangalore, I get the best of the world's goodies: from Armani and MAC to Jimmy Choo and Zara.

The world wants in, on my wallet. And I want the "status" that comes with toting those labels.

The world's such an open market place, but we're more closed -- to each other. Everyone's on Facebook, to "make friendship". Everyone's LinkedIn. But do we need their physical presence, in our country, our state, our neighbourhoood? Nope, not really.

Maharashtra wants only Marathi manoos. The UK , the US and Europe would rather not have you or me, unless we come with C++ or a specialised degree! Or better still, study in their universities, paying three-four times what their own citizens do.

The world's such an open place. So, why do I feel it closing down on me?

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