Oogling life

I love surfing the Net. I can troll the whole day and end up glassy-eyed, mooney-faced and headachy, but happy. So, my friends call me "Miss Google". Pretty apt, actually, for 'googling' is definitely the defining activity of my day.

If I need to look up a prospective contact; find out who said what, when or where; get some background info on a company or more important, fill up on my daily dose of global gossip... I google. Which is why my friends and I have coined a new term for what I do -- we call it 'oogling'. Basically, it means I ogle on google.

Come to think of it, 'oogling' is what most of us do. For me, oogling satisfies many hungers, among them my hunger for absolutely useless trivia.

Take a moment to taste the word, run it through your head, roll it around, absorb it. "Oogling" is for the eternally inquisitive; it's about vicarious living, it's even, a little obsessive. I do it in real time, in my real life too -- every time I go to a mall, or run down to Brigades to buy a birthday card (yes, in my family, some of us still send each other cards for all occasions!) It's what guys and girls do when they're slyly checking each other out; it's what men do when a sexy, smart woman, sashays by. It's what we do at work, out of work, in our own small ways.

And then I wonder, whats going to happen to us eventually? Will the great wide open spaces of this virtually real hub, swallow us up one day? Or will we just go on as we are, cocooned up with thoughts of "me, myself and my world".

Maybe, we'll keep ogling at people and oogling the rest of the time. Maybe doing that somehow makes everyday living more real.

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