Carbs, chats and more

Two women sat across a table.

One: "I have aminos in the morning and a protein shake in the evenings. My trainer tells me I can have as much grilled chicken and fish I want but only one piece of carb."
The Other: "I follow the same regime. In fact, I've lost more than two kilos in the past week on this. I aim to maintain my weight at this level."

I was there too, at that same table. I tried mightily to elegantly chew on evenly browned bread. I hoped my plate didn't look too loaded. But no, carbs were not on my mind, crumbs sticking to my lipstick definitely were.

The women talked of their shared determination to eat right. I tried to spear some fried chicken. I tried to eat peas with my knife.

They exclaimed over how they both disliked dessert. They were blissfully admiring of each other's healthy eating lifestyles. I spooned my way through two puddings. One was yoghurt-based so that counts, don't you think? And yes, I had lots of fruit too!

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