Why is it...

Why is a magazine always more interesting when your friend is poring over it? For that matter, when you stop at one of those little ricketey jewellery shops that dot M G's and Brigades, why is it that you're suddenly surrounded by an inquisitive crowd of men, women, boys and girls? I guess that's just human nature. Or like that other universal law of nature -- when you desperately need to flag down an autorickshaw, you won't find a single one and the roads will be emptier than the Sahara during a dust-storm. But when you don't want an auto, you'll find those little black and yellow beetles-on-three-wheels sidle past you with the drivers giving you the onceover through their rear view mirrors!

But then when things go wrong, the day begins wrong. You wake up with the feeling that you've had a terribly embarrassing dream in which you've done rather weird things/stuff that you wouldn't admit to in the waking world. Then the coffee filter refuses to well, filter. So you end up drinking coffee that's got lotsa sludge. Once you're past that and resigned to a bad day, you glance at the clock and horrors! you're running an hour late for work.

When you get to office, you know it's not going to be your day -- it's time to discuss stories for your magazine (and none of those fantastic ideas you suggested) are getting a dekko even! You're feeling undervalued, totally depressed and seriously unhappy.

So be honest, is it life or is it just me?

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