Shake your bon bon

I'm the world's best twerker.
Not that you'd know it.
I dance like nobody's watching. Well, because nobody is.

But that's what's so joyful about it.
Because I dance for myself.
And because I love how my body moves to the beat.

Put me in the spotlight, put me on video.
And I freeze. For, my grace is my own.
Not for you. Not to be 'liked' or re-posted. Or whatever.

Because this is what I do, for myself. To feel alive.
It's a private moment, a joy that is mine and mine alone.
Like sipping your first cuppa of the day. Knowing it hits the spot.
Or sharing a smile with your love, cherishing the knowledge that only you know how to touch him a certain way. 
Like giving your child a tight hug, listening to that little lisp
And knowing that soon, these memories will be overlaid with new ones.

Why celebrate and capture it for the world to see?
Because these moments will seep into us, by and by.
Because these are meant to be lived, not 'liked'.

So put on the music you love.
Dance like nobody's watching.
Even if nobody is.

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