Mornings and other mundane joys

Every morning, when I wake up, I need to be alone for a bit. Just me, myself and my cuppa--filter coffee sweetened with bella (jaggery in English, sarkaram in Malayalam). Sometimes, I do add a bit of sugar, truth be told, specially if it's organic jaggery (which tends to be a little bitter and less sweet, as compared with its normal counterpart).

I read somewhere that mornings are best for regrouping one's senses, restoring the spirit, so to speak. And if I've been tossing and turning all night, then this me-time in the morning, even if it is only to savour my coffee in silence, makes me feel infinitely better.

So, the early morning hour is something I jealously regard as my time. And I tend to get extremely irritable if my space is invaded by either doddering child or sleepy husband. Poor things.

But then, we all have such routines. And children, more so than adults. Our little fellow, for instance. He likes me to carry him first thing. And crabby creature that I am, I refuse sometimes, just because I am feeling contrary! Then, the poor child cries and I get angry and his dad gets upset and things get worse after that. Some mornings are like that.

Other mornings, I tiptoe around the place (ours is a small two-bedroom apartment where every sound is easily magnified) hoping I won't wake up the other two. Then, if I am feeling chirpy enough, I do my surya namaskar before my coffee is ready. That is a huge achievement for me. The surya namaskar limbers me up and curiously enough, leaves me feeling lighter in body and spirit.

Such mornings feel absolutely perfect. That is when I am happiest. Then, I am calmer, and ergo, nicer to my family. 

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