Thronging for thongs and other gems

There's this neighbourhood hosiery shop I go too. Or rather, used to go to. The owner is from a business family of brothers, all with their own hosiery shops standing in a row, actually. Anyway, very respectful chap, he is. But I am a little embarrassed to go there, to be honest. Because each time I walk in to buy some innerwear essentials, he gives me a quick scan and reels off my size. And he is always right! A rather unnerving experience.

Anyway, because I feel shy about going through that every time, I decided, why not look up lingerie online. There, it sounds so much glamorous, already! No more innerwear for me, only lingerie and negliges, and teddies and whatnots. So I do buy stuff online because it's cheaper this way and because I can do it impersonally--without helpful storeowners looking over my purchases or respectfully telling me my actual bust size.

Naturally, I get weekly mailers from an online e-tailer and often, the marketing content (not the products) totally crack me up. Sometimes, the language is more suited to heavy-breathing Harlequin romances--"Sheer silk whispering against your skin", "brief encounters", "lacy loves", so on and so forth. Ergo, the latest sampler I received last week--"Throng for thongs only at Rs 249".

I think thongs are seriously sexy, regardless of how comfortable they are, but I guess comfort is not really a factor. But hmmm... "throng" for thongs? What a beauty of a line. Never fails to make me chuckle.

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