Morning walk

Really, I don't mind you humming as I walk past
Do it loudly enough. Show me you've got the guts.
Don't sidle by if I turn to look.
Being appreciative is okay in my book.

Except, you're not well-intentioned, are you?
For I'm just a body
To be leched at
Who cares if I'm someone's wife
Daughter, or mother?

It's not like you're a hormonal teen
Struggling with too much testosterone
You look to be in your late-forties.
So you're someone's dad,
And a woman's husband.
A woman like me.

But there, standing with your chums
I feel you look me up and down
I hear you snigger to your pals.
And yet, you turn away, when I look at you.
Crowds give you courage, I'm guessing.
By yourself, there wouldn't be a whimper
Would there?
If a group of louts heckled and hissed at your daughter?

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