Blue skies and skateboards

Little man has a new skate board.
And I'm scared to get on it.
It took him just 10 tries to actually learn how to balance himself.

Now he's showing me how to skateboard.

I think because I'm a grownup, I have too many fears inside.
I fear I'll fall off, make a fool of myself.
I am scared, period.

Little man, though, he just got on it and took off.

He's fallen a couple of times, gotten hurt.
But that's not stopping him.
So long as I don't psych him out with my fears
Or tell him, with the best of intentions,
"Be careful", "look where you're going",
And so on and so forth, 
He's actually perfectly fine.

I think there's a lesson in that for me.
I can choose to let my fears, my feeble excuses stop me.
From learning something new
Or I can choose to let go
And learn how to skateboard.

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