Does it excite you
To see my back
Yes, I know it sways
And that my breasts bounce
When I walk.
Yes, that leads you

To make obscene sounds
When I pass by.
And when you have friends around
You are bolder.
There is safety in company, after all.

You look at other women too
Snigger, comment under your breath
As they walk by.
You reach out to grope, to humiliate.
How degrading it must be
To live the way you do.

You don't see beyond the flesh.
You don't care that we are
Mother, daughter, sister, wife.
More important, we are people
Not just body parts.
And yes, we own ourselves.

Unlike you.
Your actions do not diminish me.
And while I can't stop you
I can confront you or choose to ignore
Your pathetic self.
For you cannot stop what you are.
Or what you do.

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