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Body double

Yup, my body's out of whack.
It is too.
Actually, it's like a before and after.
First there was only me, variously known as MC Daily and the hourglass (among friends and admirers!). Now, there's little C and me. In fact, for a time, it was both of us, inside me!

Actually, the female human body, per se, kinda blows me away. While I was pregnant, my body grew and made sure baby grew, as well. Despite all the odds. Yep, pregnancy is among the most studied of states, but it's still miraculous (to me, at any rate) how a little thing no bigger than a pea can become a full-fledged squirming little person, with lungs to match!

And what happens after the birth, that's no less wondrous. Somewhere, something inside triggered the making of breast milk. For me, that's the most precious liquid on earth. Truly. Look it up, there's nothing else like it. There I was, happy-go-lucky (or so I thought), head filled with lippies and liners and what have you, and suddenly, here I am…