Living every minute

Having baby's been life-changing, of course. But beyond that, I've come to cherish every moment. Nope, that's not a cliche. I literally live minute to minute. So a spare half hour of quiet is soul-nourishing. A chance to enjoy just being by myself. A little window of self-reflection. A walk is not just a stroll, it's my time to cleanse my body and mind of bad thoughts and ill will and sloth.

A hug is affirmation that a little person finds me lovable, warts and all.

Watching baby say hullo to stray dogs, kambli poochies (blanket worms, ugh!!), and even, dead cockroaches, makes me realise children really are pure beings. There's no malice in baby. Yup, there are tantrums and bouts of bad temper but that, to my eternal regret, he's probably learnt watching me being angry and mad.

Every day, I see the world anew. Every day, I learn I can be good and yet, in a flash, be very very bad as well. It's humbling, enriching and a learning process. Every single day.

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