Sunday, 21 November 2010

Getting girly

I dress up more now if I'm going to meet my girl friends.
Yup it's true. That's when I fish out the tweezers, give the brows the obligatory wriggle-stretch-and-stare and then do the oh-god-have-I-put-on-weight, and need-I-do-the-razor-thingie routine, again.
And it's not just me.
My 19-year-old niece did exactly that when she was meeting her girlmates. Soul Sisters from school, no less.
In my case, my rare night out gave me a lovely case of the girlies. (Okay, even I don't know what that means).

So, I chose my clothes with care.
Does the skirt hug the hips? Yep.
Now, where's that heavy fake-silver chain from Mapsa fleamarket which invariably gives me neckpain. Check.
Eyebrows? Not bad.
Slippers? Comfy but in a nice warm shade so glam as well.

And then, we did the breezers, the fishy cutlets, the fried chips, the cold pizza, the silly giggles. And it was such a good feeling. There's nothing quite like getting together with friends, female friends, and then letting it all hang out. Literally and figuratively.

I realise I totally love dressing up just to meet my girl friends. In fact, I want to feel good and look even better, then.
So, does that make me wierd, gay, or bi?

I'll settle for being just plain happy.