Babies, baths and more

Have a baby and the whole world tells you what to do.

At the doctor's the other day.
Mom No. 1: Is he teething? Oh you should be giving him this Ayurvedic medicine for the pain. It's not too late, you can start now.
Mom No.2: Does he have rash? Try Absorb powder. That's what I use for mine
Father No. 1: Rash? Try anything with Zinc oxide. It'll soon go away.

I smile and nod to all of them. Baby does too.

Meanwhile Moms Nos 3 and 4 are discussing their newborns.
No. 3: How old is she?
No.4: Just about four months.
(No. 4 is at the clinic with her maid. She's carrying the baby, maid has the baby bag).
No.4: Do you give yours a bath and massage every day?
No. 3: Oh I have three maids.

She leaves it at that.
Leaving me, full-time mom-and-nurse-and maid-of-one, to speculate exactly how three maids can look after one tiny baby.
Perhaps one holds the head, the other the arms and the third the legs. There, baby bath time's over.

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