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Money and maids

If you give in each time, you're perceived as a "soft touch". If you don't, you're a hard-nosed bitch. That's the thing about money and maids.

But what do you do when the new domestic help asks for a loan? And then quickly terms it an "advance" on her next salary?

That's what my cook did today. She's been with us for less than five weeks now. In which time, she has been erratic and turns up at various times. She has also not been totally honest--when she started, she had promised to be home by 11.30 am. So that my little boy can have his lunch by 1 pm. (Before we hired her, I was doing the housework and cooking and running to pick him up from school/ferrying him to fitness classes. Basically, I barely had time for my freelance assignments or even, to sit down and catch my breath).

But our cook actually turns up now between 1 p.m and 1.30 pm. Because she never told me she had a prior commitment. When she's fell ill this month, I insisted…

Being a bystander or being the change

So an out-of-town cop beat up his daughter in public, over an alleged affair. 
People, including the girl's own mother, stood by and watched. I am sure the mother was distraught. But she did nothing. Two women passersby (may their tribe increase!) came to the girl's rescue and called the local cops. But in the end, the daughter failed to file a complaint.
No surprises there. Perhaps the daughter is used to this kind of behaviour. Perhaps the mother gets beaten up too, back in their hometown. Perhaps both mom and daughter are conditioned to expect this abuse from the husband/father. Perhaps the daughter will go on to marry a man who will beat her up too. And if she has a daughter, than that girl too will grow up thinking this is normal. And the cycle of abuse will continue.
Who is to blame? The mother for doing nothing. Mind you, she is a teacher. The bystanders for doing nothing. (Someone even took photographs. I wonder if someone else took a video on his/her smartphone. I won…