A woman of a certain age (a poem)

It's probably true
That quite unlike you
There are things I cannot do.

It's probably right
That if it feels tight
I gotto put up a fight.

It's probably best
If I just confessed
I'm no girl, 'nuff said.

I can't have it all
And still stay small.
So, no more gentle strolls
To target those rolls.
I got to really stride
And yes, move that hide

Gotto run, break a sweat
Or believe you me, I fret
That weight loss goals
Won't be met.

Can't eat my cake
Without a bellyache.
Chocolates? It's like this you see
I love 'em, but I also get acne.
Yes, even at my age.
Life really is strange.

Hot pants? Er, not for me,
With lycra, maybe. 
But a celeb I'm not
For pants that short
Fitted jeans more my thing
To add that infinitesimal zing.

If you must know
I'm a girl no more.
I'm all woman now
Come into my own, and how!

My age? You want to gauge
A woman of a certain age?
Oh, please don't compel

You see, a lady would never tell.


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