Skipping it...

I've always wanted to be lean and lithe and fighting fit.
You know, like those women we see plastered on our tv screens, our newspapers and across our magazines.
So toned and taut.
Not an spare inch anywhere.
Not skinny, but strong.

Sadly, I cannot diet. Being hungry makes me seriously snarky,
I bite peoples' heads off. And that is not a happy situation to be in.
Eating just fruits is never enough.
I always crave something seriously spicy and seriously filling just after.
Cutting out all sweets is simply too tough.
Besides, that's when I discover latent cravings that send me to extremes.
I've been known to polish off bars of chikki in one sitting.
Naturally, I feel sick for hours afterwards!!

Anyway, so what can a woman (I can't call myself a 'girl' anymore, sigh) who cannot diet, cannot gym and cannot run on the treadmill do?
Well, she can do surya namaskar once in a while and she can skip. So what if she doesn't use a skipping rope?

Nope, I still cannot skip upto 500 or a 1,000, at one go. I can only do 150 at a time, if I push myself.

But when I do this a couple times a day, I feel the skipping shock my body.
My wobbly bits jiggle less.
My legs look stronger and leaner.
My arms (always skinnier than the rest of me) are getting more toned.
And best of all, my baby belly is oh so slowly going away.

Of course, just the skipping or the SN doesn't cut it. I have to do ab crunches as well. And that I find, helps to tighten my pelvis. Then of course, I need to do some speed walking to "air" my head, as it were. Then I try to mix it all up--with squats and some light weights (1 kg).  And I also try to cut down on the amount of rice I eat. I do zumba too, because I love the music and the vibe. But that's more for fun though I find it has increased my stamina. Don't get me wrong, I don't exercise for a long time. My skipping sessions are 5-10 minutes tops. Surya Namaskar takes me another 10 minutes.  And I don't walk for more than 20 minutes.

But doing all this in short bursts through the day, seems to make a difference to my body and my health. And like I said before, I don't even use a skipping rope. I just jump up and down! True, I look quite demented. But hey, it works for me.

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