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Never just a cold

Sometimes it's just a sniffle
Still feels so awful.
Makes me want to waffle.

Sometimes, it's the sneezing.
So constant it's not pleasing.
Incessant, very unpleasant.

Sometimes, it's a whooshing in my ears.
Head feels cloudy and unclear.
And that I can't really bear.

Sometimes, I just can't breathe
It even makes me wheeze.
Causes me so much grief.

Sometimes, it's that streaming nose
Terrible to lie comatose,
Feebly trying to stem the flow.

Because a cold is never, ever just that.
Leaves me like a wet rat
And knocks me out flat.


She squatted by the roadside
Shiny pink ruffles fluttering in the breeze.
Horns blared, headlights glanced
At her nakedness
Indecent for being so impersonal.

I looked away, unwilling to acknowledge
Her vulnerability.
The child's parents sell chaat.
They have no time or money to waste.
Just a living to make.

So we walk past, eyes averted
Or worse, watching her
Because we can.
She doesn't care, anyway.
Here, the rich can be shameless
The poor cannot afford shame.