Cheap is sometimes best

Only in Kerala do you find a pint-sized one-rupee squeezee jars of Parachute coconut oil in your hotel bath room. Because, the Malayalee takes coconut oil seriously.

And I find it really works. The oil that is. My father's various nieces are in their 50s and 60s. Their hair may be greying a bit, here and there but their skin is as soft and unlined as ever. Why even my own mother has fewer fine lines than I do! And she is nearly 70.

None of these women use moisturisers. Or lotions. And don't even get me started on serums.

But there is one other thing that helps. The weather in Kerala. It is so humid there, your skin really breathes. It sweats and pours out all the dirt inside. Which means, two days in this sauna-like atmosphere and you're shining, hydrated and fresh.

Now, if only one could bottle up some of that earthy air, infuse it with some coconut oil and sell it as a potion.

We'd have a best-seller right there!

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