My other uterus

Read the other day about an American woman who had twins. Nothing exceptional in that, except that she has a condition called uterus didelphys, a rare congenital phenomenon where the uterus comprises not one, but two cavities or two separate uteruses. Basically, the babies grew in the two uterii.

Okay so what, you think.

Well, I have two uteruses (or uterii, or whatever), too. And I just had a baby.

My baby grew in my right uterus, so the left one was empty. But it kinda made way as the right one expanded over a period of nine months. So did my stomach stick out on one side? Nope. It looked like every other pregnant woman's tummy. It was only different on the inside.

This uterus didelphys is a tricky thing. Doctors will tell you that conception is well nigh impossible with this condition. That you need fertility treatment, IVF, pill-popping, all the very best medical science can offer. And of course, if you also have poly cystic ovaries like I do, things look even worse.

But guess what, I didn't do IVF, I didn't take pills that would give me twins or triplets or quadruplets. So how did my husband and I have our baby boy? Sometimes, nature helps out. Sometimes, belief can work wonders. Or maybe, sometimes miracles do happen.

I used to obsess about having babies. Stress out about how stressed out I was, and how that affected my fertility. About how and why I was born different, inside.

Getting pregnant changed all that. Now I believe more than ever, miracles can happen. What doctors tell you isn't a life sentence. And yes, your body is your greatest gift. Especially if you have two uteruses.

Trust me, I really do know. I hold a little miracle in my arms every day,

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