Men and women

When I was in my middle to late 20s, I discovered what it is to be friends with women. Till then, you see, I couldn't really be comfortable with them. Don't know why, really. In my all-girls college, I was part of the usual girl gang -- we called ourselves SPLASH 17, no less (for some bizarre reason!). But most of my friends then were giddy headed girls who talked mostly about boys, going out with boys, getting roses from boys, meeting up with boys...well, you get my drift. I wasn't really like them, or so I thought. Deep down though, I was insecure, frightened -- would I ever meet my knight on a white charger?

And then, I came to Bangalore. And made up for lost time. From a small-town girl to hanging out with the guys and going out on dates, it was a surprisingly easy transition for me. I think it was my way of reassuring myself that yes, I was attractive. That all those boys who didn't look at me when I was in college in my small town in Kerala, were actually pretty dumb. I think I surprised myself, most of all. I certainly grew up.

Now, when I'm entering my 30s, I'm good friends with women again. I hardly read M&Bs any more. Why? I think it's because I'm comfortable with whom I am and what I do. It's also because I have a great marriage, a husband I love and respect and flirt with, outrageously! I think it's also because my giddy-headed days are over. To paraphrase an advertisement for beauty product -- I finally love the skin I'm in!

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